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Absolutely captivated by this entire series from photographer Tim Flach, who has taken seven years and an innovative approach to photography to not just shoot, but also truly understand his subject. 

As described in the description for his animal portrait book, More than Human

"By taking striking close-up shots of various animals, Tim attempts to demonstrate how close can animal gestures and poses get to those of the humans.

What looks like images of unselfconscious and spontaneous reactions of the animals, is actually a result of long research and observation done by the artist. Every animal responds differently to temperature changes, light, human presence and even sounds – some of them would feel better with the music on, while the other would get intimidated by it.”


Love this journey. We have a father who loves and is familiar with all of creation.

hymns are good because they’re true (and other thoughts)

Been thinking about things that are lovely. And I’ve been resting. Sometimes I concentrate too much on taking away or adding to myself, but lately I’ve been acknowledging what is already present.

That the helper who was promised and sent, arrived and lives in this little heart.

And my song shall ever be!

The trouble is that, for women, being “nice” often translates into putting up with things we should never put up with. How many times has some creep sat uncomfortably close to me on the bus and stared me down, yet I’m too afraid to just get up and move, lest I offend him?

We smile when we’re harassed on the street or hit on by jerks. We laugh at sexist jokes. We learn that when we have strong opinions, we’ll be called bitches and that if we get angry, we’ll be called hysterical. When we say what we want, we’re called pushy or aggressive.

Part of learning “ladylike” behavior is about learning to smile politely when someone is being crude. Femininity has long been attached to passivity and to being docile. Men fight, women giggle and fume silently.


the ten types of black preachers

1, 4, and 8 killed me.

Oh my goodness. Why is this accurate. 


'Book on Bookis a transparent paperweight that holds down the pages of a novel. It keeps the pages from flipping and allows the user to eat, drink, or sit back while reading.


A bus stop with swings.

Except the truth is even better. This is in montreal and every summer they put up a series of musical swings. If you look in the background you can see more people swinging away.

Each swing is a set of four and has its own unique sound, but if you are in perfect harmony with the other 3 seats then an actual song is played. The theory is that you communicate and interact with people more if it’s for a specific goal and if you’re having fun

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Classic dance face

Classic dance face

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Leonid Afremov is a Russian–Israeli modern impressionistic artist who works mainly with a palette knife and oils.

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one of the few occasions for snow.

one of the few occasions for snow.


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